Marold Emmelkamp

Marold Emmelkamp

Qualified Teacher

Professional Training: 2011

Apprenticeship: 2009 - 2011

Based in: The Netherlands

Working location: Netherlands, Belgium and internationally

Contact details:

Mobile: +31-


About Marold

What people say about Marold and his offerings

"Marold, love you to peaces, for who you are, for the medicine in the dance that you give us. For the togetherness with all the beautifull People in this circle. For the manifestations in the ceremony - they were so profound. And I had such a bliss with my ancestors, all is clear and we had a beautifull conversation. And of course, for your true and lovable imperfections". 
Kuun Jennikens, participant of the Way of the Dancer

“You can feel the medicine in the space which Marold creates: he loves the dance, the mystery of the rhythms of the body, the natural world and all the feelings that arises from that.He teaches with deep respect for the dancers. In this space I feel free and safe to dive much deeper into the healing powers which moves in all of us and which connect us all".       Inge Castellini, participant of Winterdreams



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