Kerri Cripps

Kerri Cripps

Qualified Teacher

Qualification: July 2013

Professional Training: 2011

Apprenticeship: 2009 - 2011

Based in: Sheffield UK

Working location: England

Contact details:

Website: Sheffield 5 Rhythms and Movement Medicine facebook page here:


About Kerri

I teach in Sheffield in the north of England, offering mainly a morning drop-in class on Tuesdays. The main thread of my classes is relationship - to self,  to each other, the space around us and the world. There is sometimes  also a specific theme for the classes sometimes seasonal, sometimes more psycho-spiritual such as transitions or the unknown.

Here is a quote from a dancer who has been coming to my classes since I began teaching:

'In your classes I feel simultaneously supported and liberated. I feel free to be who I explore myself and deepen my relationship with myself and others and the universe. You hold the space with such tender compassion and care and yet with such deep's a space to love myself as I am and to rise to the challenge of becoming all that I can be. I love the fact that everything you say is an invitation and that you frequently remind us to listen to our inner wisdom above all else. Your classes are nourishment for my soul. And of course I love the wonderful supportive diverse community of dancers who attend, the great music, the natural light and beautiful trees....yes all that and more!'

You are very welcome to join us and find out for yourself!

I don't have a website, I post details of classes and themes on the Sheffield 5 Rhythms and Movement Medicine facebook page here:


Sheffield 5 Rhythms and Movement Medicine facebook page here:

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