Eline Kieft

Eline Kieft

Qualification: June 2015

Professional Training: 2011

Apprenticeship: 2009 - 2011

Based in: Angers, Pays de la Loire, France

Working location: France, Netherlands and internationally

Contact details:

Email: eline@clover-trail.com
Website: www.elinekieft.com
Website: www.clover-trail.com


About Eline

Eline has over 30 years of experience with various dance styles, including professional training in contemporary dance, and completed a PhD in dance anthropology. She is a long-term student of Jonathan Horwitz (since 2005) and Zara Waldebäck (since 2010), pursuing the path of shamanic counselling. Fascinated by the power of dance as a different way of knowing that can reconnect us with all dimensions of life and creation, her work is furthermore inspired by: ritual, nature, stories, symbols, imagination and silence. Please visit www.elinekieft.com for further information.

As dance guide and anthropologist she facilitates:

acceptance and celebration of self in originality reconnection with others and the social and natural world finding new sources of inspiration, imagination and creativity embodied experience of concepts such as sustainability and interconnection

Specialising in:

Health and Wellbeing
Contemporary Ritual
Shamanic Coaching
Academic contexts

Levels of training:

I completed the Heart & SEER and the Ritual modules of ongoing professional development.


: CloverTrailToThriveInLife

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