Adrien Labaeye

Adrien Labaeye

Apprentice Teacher

Professional Training: 2018

Apprenticeship: 2017 - 2018

Based in: Berlin

Working location: Germany, France

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About Adrien

My movement offering is infused with the experience I collected through many years spent living in Berlin exploring the alternative culture from urban activism and open source seeds to sex positivism (temple arts, conscious kink) and somatic embodiment. I hold a doctorate from the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin for my work on grassroots-led sustainability transformation. I am a hobby baker and seeds activists.   My Movement Medicine sessions are mobilizing the ecosystem of body, heart, and mind to expand our experience of connection. I focus my offering on two levels: "naked - a Movement Medicine journey": a guided and embodied exploration into the innocence of nakedness; workshops for people who want to root their commitment to the web of life into the heart and the body, resourcing an overwhelmed mind, and feed the body of the mammal.


Specialising in:

naked Movement Medicine journeys
Sustainability transformations
More-than-human commoning
Embodied bread baking

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