Alex Hanly

Alex Hanly

Qualified Teacher

Qualification: October 2020

Professional Training: 2018

Apprenticeship: 2014 - 2016

Based in: Kent and London

Working location: England

Contact details:

Phone: 07868842219


About Alex

Alex facilitates with Movement Medicine when devising, directing and performing. She is currently devising 'A Risky Business' with a cast of 10 actors with learning disabilities and or autism. Alex's work contains physical theatre, spoken word, song, dance and text. Performances give opportunity for participation, transformation, healing and awakening to both the performers and the audience. Alex champions slow burn, long development, process based work.


She also teaches Movement Medicine and incorporates it in her Yoga workshops and retreats. Alex runs a one to one Yoga therapy practice 2 days a week in West London and Teaches group classes and workshops in South East Kent. Alex is a senior accredited yoga teacher with over 10 years experience. Ongoing education and practice informs Alex’s capacity to teach yoga and movement medicine that is precise, gentle and transformative. Alex is well equipped to meet the varying needs of any group or individual.


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Yoga and MM Teaching:


Spoken Word:


"For me theatre and acting are tools for self realisation, the more I know myself, the more of a performer I become, the more I have to offer an audience in their becoming. Practice and rehearsals enable me to take off my casual habituations and reveal my self nakedly, without censorship. Performances are not an end in themselves. They are more like monumental signposts along the way, naming my place of arrival. Rehearsing has become a deep spiritual practice for me."

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Specialising in:

Devising/performing ritual and ceremonial theatre
Creativity, voice, choral sing
Senior accredited yoga teacher
Highly skilled working with ph
Experienced working with disab


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