Colleen Burke

Colleen Burke

Apprentice Teacher

Professional Training: 2018

Apprenticeship: 2016 - 2017

Based in: Ireland

Working location: Ireland

Contact details:


About Colleen

I am a mother and a grandmother still loving the dance of my life. I am a nurse since 1980, a Yoga teacher since 1994, and have followed my passion for natural health with varying studies in massage and complementary health. I am currently excited by my journey training as a professinoal Movement Medicine Teacher and am just begining to offer classes in my native county Wexford. Ireland.

Specialising in:

My current specialty is supporting people on a cancer journey with gentle yoga meditation and massage. I also support adults with Intellectual Disability in my role as a nurse.


Wexford Movement Medicine Dance
Colleen Burke
02-02-2020 every month on Sunday
Wexford, Ireland
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