Arielle Semin

Arielle Semin

Qualified Teacher and Facilitator

Qualification: March 2021

Professional Training: 2018

Apprenticeship: 2016 - 2018

Based in: Vevey

Working location: Switzerland, France and internationally

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About Arielle

I discovered Movement Medecine in 2014. I just loved dancing and releasing myself freely on the music and the silence !

Since then, I have followed Susannah and Ya'Acov Darling Khan in workshops in Paris and in Switzerland. In 2016, I decided to deep dive in the core of Movement Medecine with the Apprenticeship and then the Professional Training.

I merge the shamanic path I have been walking on since many years with movement, my dream work as well, with sometimes with a cacao ceremony

I teach Movement Medicine classes in Vevey, Switzerland and facilite individual sessions in the Riviera region, as well as one line sessions across the world.

Specialising in:

Certified Professional Coach (ICF), I incoporate Movement Medecine in one to one sessions and in small groups to bring movement into the exploration of the Being. I am teaching classes in Vevey and on line. See my schedule on To book an individual session, check on my website
Active Dreaming Teacher

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