Kaya Tamara Sertic

Kaya Tamara Sertic

Qualified Teacher and Facilitator

Qualification: June 2018

Professional Training: 2016

Apprenticeship: 2014 - 2015

Based in: Zagreb

Working location: Croatia and internationally

Contact details:

Email: kaya.sertic@gmail.com
Website: www.centarmeleta.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/MovementMedicinesTamarom/


About Kaya Tamara

Kaya works as an integrative body-oriented psychotherapist and Movement Medicine teacher in Center Meleta, Zagreb, Croatia. Together with her 3 friends and colleagues, they founded the center in 2013.
Kaya has been working individually and in groups with adults and adolescents for many years and has been practicing body-oriented psychotherapy for over a decade. She has also worked in primary and high schools teaching philosophy, logic, critical thinking and learning techniques.

During her studies in philosophy, sociology and literature, she finished the training and PhD. in body-oriented psychotherapy focusing on the effects of the early childhood trauma in the body. As this type of therapy is based on the process work and presence of the soul in the body, training in Movement Medicine was another step on her journey of supporting the embodiment of the soul. These two practices are continuously enriching both her and her offering and create a safe, rich and creative field for her students. She is continuously amazed with how the Spirit manifests through the wiring of our personalities.

Kaya also teaches Movement Medicine regularly- as monthly classes, weekend workshops and ceremonies.

Education & Professional Training:

1. University of Humanities, Zagreb Croatia:

Philosophy Sociology Comparative Literature

‚Äč2. Center for Integratieve Development:

4 year personal development and therapy training 2 year postgraduate therapy training

3. School of Movement Medicine, UK:

Apprenticeship Programme Profesional Training CPD Heart&S.E.E.R, CPD Ritual CPD Phoenix CPD Initiation

Specialising in:

integrative body-oriented psychotherapy  


: https://www.instagram.com/movementmedicinewithkaya/

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