Livia Frischer

Livia Frischer

Qualified Facilitator

Professional Training: 2016

Apprenticeship: 2014 - 2015

Based in: Sweden

Working location: Sweden, Norway and internationally

Contact details:



About Livia

I have been working as a Psychosynthesis (transpersonal & Spiritual psychology) therapist and teacher for 30 years, guiding individuals and groups in personal & spiritual development and leading them through life-changing transformation.

When Movement Medicine practice came into my life it changed me and the way I work. Through MM I became more grounded and connected to the web of life in a way that soulful experiences landed in all of my being, Body, Heart, and Mind. The more grounded I became the more my spirituality expanded and reached new heights and the healing that my work facilitates becomes more profound.

Today my work with Psychosynthesis is grounded and supported by Movement Medicine practices and tools that give the participants in my retreats and workshops, extra resources needed to support the change they want to make in their life.  



Specialising in:

weekend workshop and long retreats: Keys To Liberation – A 7 days retreats that integrates Psychosynthesis, Movement Medicine, and Archetypal psychology, leading people on a deep inner journey of personal and spiritual growth and inner liberation.

Levels of training:

Phoenix, Initiation


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