Anna Sierpowska

Anna Sierpowska

Qualified Teacher

Professional Training: 2016

Apprenticeship: 2014 - 2015

Based in: Warsaw - Poland

Working location: Poland and internationally

Contact details:

Mobile: +48 607460970


About Anna

I am a certified Movement Medicine teacher, body work therapist and body oriented

psychotherapist in the Lowen bioenergetics trend (under certification certified Training in Bioenergetic Analysis accredited by Florida Society for Bioenergetics Analysis).

I work with consciousness through presence - here and now, in this body. Including movement, dance, stillness, breath, but also silence that releases our natural energy and supports you in embodying and manifesting your inner potential.

I run workshops (e.g. "BodySpace" - somatic movement and body oriented psychoteraphy, "Dreaming Body" - invoking the power of tha dreaming new dream by dance and presence, "Tender Heart" - power of the broken),

ceremonies and regular Movement Medicine practice – MASTER CLASS in Wrocław, Poznań, Gdańsk & Łódź in Poland. As well as regular weekly practice in Warsaw.

Awakaning the Dancer - Every Tuesday at 19:00 Piękna Street 24/26  - come along 😊

Im dedictated to work with groups in closed circles and long terms as well as individuas. 

My work is complemented by the knowledge gained through many years of experience with touch in the Polynesian form of Bodywork and fascia massage.

I am a co-author of innovative position for leaders and life-oriented people perform - "Resilience - leader's snowball". I have created and lead radio broadcast – Body Talks for 2 years (weekly).

I am in deep inspiration by the power of movement as a prayer and dreaming.

In constant Service for Life.




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