Hagit Ottens-Wilk

Hagit Ottens-Wilk

Qualified Teacher

Qualification: June 2016

Professional Training: 2016

Apprenticeship: 2014 - 2015

Based in: The Netherlands

Working location: Netherlands and internationally

Contact details:

Email: info@flowemotion.com
Website: www.flowemotion.com/movement-medicine-fridays/
Website: www.facebook.com/movement.medicine.with.hagit/


About Hagit

I am a Movement Medicine Professional Teacher and an experienced Yoga Teacher. Dancing and practicing Yoga for more than 35 years!

I’ve been practicing Movement Medicine in England since 2012, and qualified as an Apprentice Movement Medicine teacher since 2016.

Dance for me is the breath of life. An expression in movement. There is no life without growing and in the freedom to express ourselves – we grow. I dance with what is true and important to me. This deep journey, the expression of my body intelligence in the dance, is becoming my experience. For me, there is no true way to learn something new without sensing it through the body, the heart and the soul. Once you truly tasted it, it is embodied, no longer a theory in your mind. When we open ourselves to experience what life has to offer, bringing our condition and our emotions, we are inviting energy in motion.

FlowEmotion is an invitation to rewrite what no longer serves you with a fresh paint of new experience. So that you can expand in the ways you choose to do with cultivated awareness for your environment. An invitation to move with all our relations and open up to inspiring possibilities. Like an artist painting a beautiful landscape of choice and hope.




Specialising in:

Dream & Dance- An integral practice of Conscius Dreaming & Movement Medicine for all ages and life experiences!
Experienced Yoga teacher
Dreamwork coach- Dream & Dance
Ceremony and Rite of passage


: https://www.facebook.com/groups/504766680194207/


Movement Medicine Zeist
Hagit Ottens-Wilk
13-01-2023 every 2 weeks on Friday
Zeist, Netherlands
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