Karin Hall

Apprentice Facilitator

Working location: Norway

Contact details:

Website: www.karinhall.no

About Karin

I am swedish, living in Norway. Daily I work as a psychotherapist for singel persons and couples. I am trained in Psychosynthesis, Creativ couplework, Irest Yoga Nidra, Alexander teqnique, Mindfulness meditation and Movement Medicine. 

I am passionat and curious Learner, and always will be. I like to dig deep and high.  Lately I am also a giver of the knowledge and wisdom I have accumulated after nearly 30 years of practice.


Specialising in:

I am now teaching, online, my own form of Movement medicine for a small group of women. I am mainly interested in finding the inner body movements and taking them out into expression. Making things softer then soft and feeling strenght in that. Becoming grounded on earth, connected to nature, and not always take it too seriously.  Joy is my guinding star. 



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