Eliza Hope Kenyon

Eliza Hope Kenyon

Qualified Teacher and Facilitator

Qualification: November 2019

Professional Training: 2016

Apprenticeship: 2014 - 2015

Based in: Devon

Contact details:

Mobile: +44 (0)7985170317
Website: www.elizahopekenyon.com


About Eliza

Eliza is a medicine singer, a facilitator of transformational voice work and embodiment practices, and an advocate for awakening soul in self and society. She supports those she works with to bring their full, free selves into relationship with the world, and walks with a fierce commitment to the powers of gentleness, truth, and the emergent intelligence of the field.

She has long been practising at the intersection between deep inner work and effective world work, facilitating individuals and groups in diverse settings; from inner city schools in London, to yoga communities in Thailand; from special needs schools and colleges in Gloucestershire, to Kufunda Learning Village in Zimbabwe, from the village hall in Dartington, Devon, to direct action frontlines.

Eliza is a trained Voice coach, a qualified Yoga teacher and a teacher and facilitator of Movement Medicine. She is carried forward by a dedication to the edge of what’s possible, and a real love for our humanity and for this dear earth.

Specialising in:

Voice and Movement
Cermonial Singer
Transformational Voicework
Trauma informed

Levels of training:

Completed: Continuous Professional Development Level 1 Advanced Training in working with the Heart and the SEER Process (Systemic Essential Energy Retrieval), Level 3 Advanced Training in working with the Phoenix Process and Level 4 Advance training called Initiation working with the 9 life cycles.



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