Petra Bongartz

Petra Bongartz

Qualified Teacher and Facilitator

Qualification: June 2016

Professional Training: 2013

Apprenticeship: 2012 - 2013

Based in: South Africa & internationally, open to invitations

Working location: South Africa and internationally

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About Petra

I bring to my practice, my teaching and facilitating my intense passion for life and my deep love for the Earth and all our relations. My intention is to inspire, to offer ways of finding support and nourishment, to bring us into connection with ourselves, each other, community, life and the big picture and from this place to act, be and live in ways that are in alignment with and help to contribute to the co-creation of the more beautiful sustainable just and fulfilling world for all that we wish to see and live in.

My teaching and facilitation is supported by my previous experience of teaching yoga, as well as the international workshops that I have been facilitating for over 13 years as part of my work in international development. Among the many inspirations that inform my work are poetry, Joanna Macy's The Work that Reconnects, the Pachamama Alliance Symposium (of which i am a trained facilitator), and the experience of spending time in nature, in connection with trees, the ocean, rivers, mountains and all the wildlife encountered there, from the smallest insect to the elephants and the whales.

Why Moving into Connection? For me the felt and embodied experience of (inter)connection has been central to my journey with dance and represents one of the keys to creating positive change in the world. In Movement Medicine, as we take time to move back into, fully inhabit and express ourselves with our body, and bring it into alignment with heart and mind, we re-connect firstly with a more whole and holistic sense of self. We also become more aware of the infinite ways in which we are connected with everything around us – we are literally made of Earth, Sun, Water and Air; we are profoundly interdependent with each other; the life force that is found in trees, birds, flowers, elephants is what animates us - we are part of the giant web of life that includes all our human and non-human relations. This experience and understanding of ourselves as ‘inter-being’ as Thich Nath Hanh puts it, not only offers us support and resources for living our lives, but also inspires us to live more compassionately, to put our creativity in the service of life and make choices that are more aligned with the highest good of all our relations.

I am a fully qualified teacher and facilitator and have also completed CPD Level 1  Advanced Training in working with the Heart and the SEER Process (systemic essential energy retrieval), CPD Level 2 in Ceremonial Leadership, CPD Level 3 in the PHOENIX process, CPD Level 4 in Initiation work. I also serve as a mentor on the School of Movement Medicine's Apprenticeship Programme.

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Specialising in:

Work with/for changemakers  
Nature (re)connection work
Nourish retreats for Women
Work that Reconnects
Group Facilitation

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Petra Bongartz
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Petra Bongartz
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