Megumi Miyata

Megumi Miyata

Qualified Teacher

Qualification: June 2016

Professional Training: 2013

Apprenticeship: 2012 - 2013

Based in: Gunma Japan

Working location: Japan, China and internationally

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About Megumi

I was 21 years old when I started to dance.It was Flamenco that took me deeply into this realm of dance.As I continued dancing it evolved into the fascination of the power of dance -moving physical body and emtional body-  realizing there are potential for healing in dance. 

Started to teach Flamenco in 2007 in schools, institute and festivals internationally and encoutered my deep wish to "Live in Peace on Earth", I moved to teach dancing in Refugee camps.Dancing with kids, women and men, seeing there is no border in this language of dance and I started to seek for the way that could directly connect to who we are through dance and that's how I met Movement Medicine.

In 2014 started to teach Movement Medicine and since then my intention to hold the space hasn't changed, it is based on welcoming.Welcoming who we are and how we are.From this receiving and welcoming we can go anywhere.

I keep further training in Movement Medicine, I hold Ritual space and also SEER Process (Systemic Essential Energy Retreaval) to access and heal our past. Trained as well for Phoenix Process in 2018 which is the core medicine for Movement Medicine.

My passion is to bring dance everywhere and connect to The Dancer inside us. Through that we remember who we are and why we are here for. When we remember this "secret", life becomes the place to co-create our own miracle.That's the best path I find so far for "Living in Peace on Earth"!

Looking forward to dancing with you and meeting the Dancer inside you!

Specialising in:

Teaching in Japanese and English.  
Flamenco Dance teacher
Taketina teacher



Movement Medicine Tokyo
Megumi Miyata
06-09-2023 every 2 weeks on Saturday
Tokyo, Japan, Japan
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