Ella Speirs

Ella Speirs

Qualified Teacher

Qualification: February 2019

Professional Training: 2013

Apprenticeship: 2012 - 2013

Based in: Chester

Working location: England

Contact details:

Email: ellaspeirs@hotmail.com
Website: www.singdancelove.co.uk


About Ella

I came to Movement Medicine through my own healing journey, which has had dance at its core since I discovered 5 Rhythms in 1995. I teach because I want to share the practices that have supported me through many challenging life events. I seek to create a safe, permissive space where people can freely explore their inner world and their connections to all life. I bring qualities of presence, compassion and a good measure of humour to my work.

Growing up as a Quaker I developed a strong belief that all of us are unique beings of equal worth, with gifts that are worth sharing. For me, conscious embodied dance has been the most effective path for finding and affirming my own gifts. What I love about Movement Medicine is the simplicity of a practice that encompasses care and healing for ourselves, our loved ones, our communities and the wider web of life, and that we can work simultaneously on all these levels.

I am currently not teaching any Movement Medicine and am a resting member of the MM Association. I am focussing on my work teaching singing as part of the Natural Voice Network.

I am a qualified Person-Centered Therapist. I also do a bit of decorating.

In my spare time I enjoy walking in nature and creating mandalas, and making music. I live with my partner and 17 year old step-son, and have a 29 year old daughter.

Specialising in:

As well as finding creative ways to survive and thrive in this crazy human life adventure, I am especially interested in loss and bereavement, and exploring ways to support people in recovery from addiction. Tel no 07922 620503



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