Movement Medicine Association Constitution

1. Name

The name of the group shall be the Movement Medicine Association
2. Aims
The aims of the association are to: 
i. promote the practice, facilitation and teaching of Movement Medicine 
ii. uphold the professional standards of Movement Medicine facilitators and teachers, overseeing the ethical practice and professional development of Movement Medicine facilitators and teachers
iii. represent teachers and facilitators with the public and public bodies as needed
iv. maintain and keep up to date the register of Movement Medicine facilitators and teachers, including administrating re-registration. 
v. Help resolve/mediate any disputes between Movement Medicine teachers or facilitators  
vi. advise and support the School of Movement Medicine in the School’s programme of apprenticeship and training that leads to practitioner, facilitator and teacher qualification 
3. Powers
In order to further the aims, the group shall have the power to:
i. raise funds and receive contributions by subscription, donation and otherwise
ii. employ paid or unpaid agents, staff or advisers on such terms and conditions of employment as the group shall determine
iii. to establish or support any charitable trusts, associations or institutions formed for all or any of the objects
iv. do anything else within the law which promotes or helps to promote the objects
4. Membership
(i) Full Membership shall be open to any individual who:
(a)  is recognized by the School of Movement Medicine as a facilitator, teacher, apprentice facilitator or apprentice teacher of movement medicine and 
(b) pays a subscription set by an Association Assembly. Only full members may participate in decision making
(ii) Associate membership shall be open to any other individual, by agreement of an Assembly of the Association, who 
(a) supports the aims of the Association and
(b) pays a subscription set by the Association Assembly
5. Annual Association Assembly
The Annual Association Assembly (AAA) is the final decision making body of the Association
A formal record of the Assembly and any decisions taken shall be kept. Twenty one members shall be a quorum.  Decisions shall ideally be made by consensus. By consensus is meant a situation where those not in agreement agree not to maintain an objection. 
Detail of decision making process, including what happens where consensus cannot be reached, will be recorded in a policy document 'Association decision making'. This document will be decided on and amended by the Annual Association Assembly. 
Provision will be made through prior consultation, surveys, prior and proxy voting for the inclusion of all full members of the association in decision making. 
The annual association assembly will normally take place in June or July each year on a date agreed by the Association Council and School of Movement Medicine.
6. Additional Association Assemblies
The Association Council may call additional Association Assemblies at its discretion and with the agreement of the school of movement medicine. If 25% of members request an additional association assembly the council will consider this. Members must be given a minimum of 60 days notice of additional Association Assemblies. Timing of additional Association Assemblies will be by agreement of the council and the School of Movement Medicine
7. Association Council
The Association Council shall have the power to take actions to further the aims of the association and implement decisions made at Association Assemblies.
The council shall consist of a Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and other role holders or representatives as decided at an Annual Association Assembly (AAA). Roles may be shared by more than one member of the association. The process for deciding on council members and the powers of the council will be set out in the document 'Association Decision Making' The Association Council is expected to conduct its activities in the spirit of the practice of movement medicine.
If any role holder retires between Annual Assemblies the remaining council members may co-opt an alternative for the remainder of the year.
8. A steering group
A steering group was formed and carried out the functions of the role holders and Council until the first council was formed at the Annual Association Assembly (AAA) in July 2012. Thereafter role holders and the council shall be decided on or confirmed as above. 
9. Suspension and termination of, membership
The Association Council may resolve to place conditions on the continued membership and practice of any individual or individuals who is/are found to be in serious breach of the association ethics or protocols document or to suspend or terminate the membership of any individual. The decision to terminate membership must be communicated to the member, who must be given the opportunity to put their case to a subsequent Association Assembly. Termination of membership shall not have effect until the decision is ratified at this subsequent Assembly.
10. Notice of meetings
An accidental omission to give a member notice of an assembly or meeting does not invalidate that meeting. 
11. Finance
There shall be a bank account in the name of the group. Four members shall be authorised signatories by the meeting at which this constitution is adopted and after that by agreement at an Association Assembly.  Each cheque will be signed by two of these signatories.
The income and property of the group shall be applied only in furtherance of the objects.
Members may claim reasonable out-of-pocket expenses incurred in relation to work on behalf of the association.
Two examiners of accounts , who are not a members of the council , shall be appointed to examine the accounts. 
12. Amendments
The process for amending the constitution will be set out in the document 'Association decision making'
13. Dissolution
A decision to dissolve the Group may be made at an Annual Association Assembly provided that 60 day's notice of this proposal has been communicated to all members.  In the event of dissolution, any assets remaining after the clearing of all debts and liabilities shall be given to a group having similar aims, or, if this cannot be done, to any charitable purpose. 
This constitution was approved by a meeting of members of the association on:
July 3rd 2012 at Rill Estate, Devon UK
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