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Our statement of purpose

The Movement Medicine Association was formed to nourish and promote Movement Medicine. The structure and methods of the Association are grounded in the work of Movement Medicine itself. The Association is held in the Movement Medicine Mesa, the balance of yin and yang, and the alignment of body, heart and mind.

The role of the Association is to uphold its professional standards and to support Movement Medicine teachers and facilitators. It aims to present Movement Medicine to the general public in all its diversity.

The Association therefore Aims to:

About our Teachers and Facilitators

All Movement Medicine Teachers and Facilitators have taken part in an intensive training with the School of Movement Medicine. This involves an in-depth period of preparation spanning a minimum of two years, followed by a two year Apprenticeship and then a Professional Training. Qualified Teachers & Facilitators have completed the Professional Training and all graduation requirements. Apprentice Teachers are authorised to teach while undergoing the second phase of Professional Training. All have professional supervision, are required to be in continued professional development, and are signed up to the Movement Medicine Association's Code of Ethics.


Full Membership of the association is open to any individual who is recognised by the School of Movement Medicine as a qualified or apprentice facilitator or teacher of Movement Medicine and who pays a subscription set by an Association Assembly.
It is intended to create a category of associate membership, to be open to other individuals in the Movement Medicine community. Only full members may participate in the association decision making process at general meetings.
The Association was formed on July 3rd 2012 at Rill Estate, Devon, UK.
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