Mira K. Dittrich

Mira K. Dittrich

Mira K. Dittrich
Apprentice Teacher

September 2018

Professional Training:

2017 - 2018

Based in:
Krefeld, Colonge

Working location:

About Mira K.

Already in my childhood I loved the dance and my ballet school. At 16, I started giving my first dance lessons.

1995, through the first book and the music of Gabrielle Roth, I got to know the 5 rhythms and the conscious dance, which deeply influenced my life. This Dance and the body therapy and the dancetheater filled my life. My work as a gymnastics teacher with focus on dance and moto pedagogue deepened with it. Later I did my apprenticeship as a speech therapist.

As a speech therapist my professional knowledge deepened to the Medicin area and my concept of healing got a foundation.

When I met Movement Medicine in 2008, everything has come together. Deep dreaming, deep connection, dance, healing, creativity and spirituality. So grateful to bring this work into the world now.

Specialising in:

Dance, Therapy, Bodywork , Speech therapist,


Facebook : Movement Medicine, Tanz Dich

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Contact Mira K. Dittrich

Websites www.movement-medicine-nrw.de
Facebook : Movement Medicine, Tanz Dich


Samstag Abend sich frei tanzen.
Tanz Dich und spür hin, was gerade in die lebendig ist.
Tanz Dich und folge den Bewegungen, deiner dir inne wohnenden Weisheit .
Deiner Natur auf der Spur.
Verbinde Dich bewußt mit all deinen Beziehungen.

Spüre, bewege, entlaste und finde neue heilsame Bewegungen in dir.

Ich freu mich auf die gemeinsame Spurensuche.

Tanz Dich