Benjamin Tree

Benjamin Tree

Benjamin Tree
Apprentice Teacher

Professional Training:

2016 - 2018

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About Benjamin

I bring my deep love of the Earth, our species and all life to my work. I’m profoundly aware of where we find ourselves at this pivotal time in history, and the importance of showing up the challenging opportunities we face individually and collectively.

To support this journey I bring this awareness to my offerings as a Movement Medicine Teacher and Facilitator.  

At present I am offering monthly Re-Evolution Dance journeys in Dartington, Devon and also collaborating with other movement based groups including: Ecstatic Dance Bristol, Pollen Tribe and Awakening the Wild.

As well as guiding the movement journeys I also use my gift of freestyle spoken word improvisational poet to support the dancers to journey deeper into into their  relationship to themselves, each other and the world.

I also offer one to one Rebirthing Breathwork sessions and group Breathing Circles, where use my Movement Medicine practice as a facilitator, letting the intelligence of the Movement Medicine maps inform my work and support me and my clients.

Specialising in:

Nature Connection

Breathing Circles




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