Benefits of Movement Medicine

Movement Medicine is a physical, emotional. soulful and spiritual practice.  A key work is practice, the more we move the deeper we can go.  


Everyone's experience is unique but some of the following are frequently said:


  • Movement gives us liberty and freedom
  • Movement quietens the mind 
  • Movement wakes up our awareness of the body
  • Knowing that the body is awaken enables the heart to free
  • The moving body lets our energy flow
  • Moving can give us insight
  • Moving can let us explore, create, move in new ways
  • Moving helps us discover our interconnection and integral
  • relationship with the living earth and elements
  • As we move we can sense how our lives are in flow with the living world
  • Movement Medicine recalls us to our sacred relationship to life
  • Movement Medicine connects us to mystery
  • Movement Medicine invites us to connect to the pulse of being a human and our relationship to Spirit


This clip shares peoples experience of dance  and how it helps them


Dancing in general is a great form of exercise and studies suggest it helps with health, fitness, and stress reduction.  Research on dance in suggests that it helps with mental agility and creative thinking


It is worth listening to Anna Halprin and her story to see the potential of dance to enrich our lives


Movement Medicine was the subject investigated in a recent PhD thesis that can be read here





Benefits of Movement Medicine
Benefits of Movement Medicine