What People Say About The Class


"I find Ann to be passionate about this work and to have a genuine desire to fully share all that she herself has learnt and gained blessings from.  Through Ann's sincerity of action a safe space is created.  Under Ann's guidance wisdoms are heard/ experienced which deepens ones life long after the dance is over."  Irene


''With Ann's dance class, you arrive at a place where your body moves out of the way,  and  your spirit dances''   John


Feedback from regular participants includes:


"Freedom for my body to express what it wants without fear of judgement. Quiets my mind. When the world fires bombs into my life I learn to play with them through the dance. Movement medicine has given me techniques that help me to surf the waves of life. I do not fully understand and I have no desire to explain but I feel the difference."  Samuel


"Aliveness, realizing magic in the moments, the

obvious physical improvement, It is like doing yoga, running and

meditation at the same time.

A healing space that is created feels like a a sacred circle where one can bring his troubles and need not even vocalize to have them fixed,but dances them out.

The connection with Spirit soul and last but not leas the Dancer and the great dance happens while you are having fun"


"It feels good! Challenges I am going through have a way of resolving themselves (or at least I feel they are being resolved) It has given me tools such as "witnessing" others without taking on their stuff, it has helped me to be more present in my life, to be more in my body. I find i am less inclined or even interested in "figuring everything out" from a mental perspective - talking till we're blue in the face!!! Just moving through things and noticing what happens... I don't know, it's interesting and really useful! Helps me to feel more centred and confident in myself. "  Emmet



What People Say About The  Classes
What People Say About The  Classes