About Me


"To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak" 

Hopi Indian Saying


Dance and Movement began to influence my life in my mid 30's and have been constant companions since then. For me movement operates at a physical level in grounding and giving me stability. It also expands my capacity to feel and to live with the feelings that are part of being human, from joy to rage. Movement is also a spiritual practice for me. It reminds me of the wider living world we are all a part of, and of the many dimensions to being alive.


Before my dancing life I lived an academic sort of life and managed to obtain two masters.  One was inspired by my work as a Librarian and the passion I  felt about information, libraries and power. Much later I studied for an MSc in Personal and Organisational Development because I realised I was fascinated by how change happens as a person and also within bigger system.


A feeling that the world needs to change and an idealism that change could benefit more of humanity is an on-going theme in my life. For me dance is political and social.  My own life pulse longs for a different kind of world.  The more dancing I do the more I take on the task of working with this at the personal and macro level.


I bring to my practice my authenticity, my enthusiasm, my joy, my respect and care for each dancer and my deep wish that we all connect to the life pulse in us.


Life I find keeps evolving and reminding me that ‘life always finds its way’ despite my best efforts to keep things as I like them! So there is always more wisdom to find or trust to feel.


I currently live on the east coast of Ireland. I love to be beside the sea, to be outside, to read poetry, and to have time for wonder. 


I am hugely grateful to be alive and for the many many blessings in my life.


I am a member of the Movement Medicine Association and follow its Code of Ethics.

About Me
About Me