Working With Decision Makers

“Through dance we can rediscover a spiritual identity and community we have lost, and the work of making this dance current, immediate, and necessary continues to be of the greatest importance” Anna Halprin One of my dreams is to bring Movement Medicine into the sphere of leadership, decision making and politics. My own sense of these spaces is that most people who find themselves as leaders and decision makers care deeply about the world and want to serve their communities. Yet is is very difficult to sustain hope, to nourish values and to operate with integrity in the systems we have created. It is also evident in all sorts of ways that the machine model of how to be in the world is hurting individuals, creating inefficiencies and bring our planet to the brink of destruction. Furthermore our world desperately needs leaders and decision makers who recognise the limitations of our current paradigms, who can create news ways of being and who can hold love for the living planet at their core. We need 'warriors' who have hope, care and are willing to be vulnerable. Recreating the world is not an easy task. It begins with ourselves. It is hard work as Maya Angelou says 'We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.' To explore this area further I have offered Movement Medicine to politicians and change makers. I hope to continue this work. Movement Medicine can help leaders and decision makers in many ways. It can remind us of who we are, that we are part of living systems and as connected to the earth for example as a tree or a flower is, it can help us to stand in our own authority, to find our creative possibility and focus to bring our dreams to life. ‘Some people do civil disobedience, protest marches, whatever - we dance’ Anna Halprin
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