Movement Medicine Open Class Plymouth

Ailsa Lucas

10-01-2015 every month on Saturday to 31-12-2025

Plymouth, Devon, UK, England

Contact details:
Phone: 01803 849039
Mobile: 07999 486059




Movement Medicine is an awakening, liberating, empowering movement meditation practice that can deepen your connection with your body, with your heart, with the spirit of life and with the innate intelligence and resources within you.

With sensitive guidance, diverse music and non-judgemental company, you are invited to bring awareness to your sensory experience of life in each moment, to welcome all that is present in you, and to let that life energy move through your body; supporting you to bring more of yourself in to relationship and leading you towards the responses, healing and transformation you need to make the most of life.

“Through Ailsa’s classes, I have found greater liberation, a wider, easier range of expression, and more groundedness and ease in relating to others. This has flowed over into my life, helping me to live more fully and freely.”  Mary Shellens

“Ailsa has a way of guiding me to drop in into expansion where the possibility of connection to my inner worlds arises. There I have found deep nourishment, and rest, and have been risen to the surface once again with clarity and soulful joy.”  Belinda Bluebell

Parking: We are not able to park at the venue so do please use other transport or facilities. The Theatre Royal car park is a very short walk from the Unitarian Hall.

These classes are happening in Plymouth with the support of Transition Plymouth.

If you have any questions, please be in touch:
01803 849039 / 07999 486059 /

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