Keef Wesolowski-Miles

27-03-2021 to 30-03-2025


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Contact details:
Email: keef@bridgingworlds.online
Phone: 07834703127
Mobile: +447834703127
Website: www.bridgingworlds.online

As a mentor and nature based soul guide, I bring 25 years experience of multiple modalities to support emergent soul-centric maturity and full spectrum engagement with life. I provide intuitive support, creative inspiration, resilience resourcing, fierce-compassion, humour, integrity, kindness and commitment. I encourage people to shine their light on their ‘path’, personally and professionally, and to facilitate deepening awareness, responsibility and choice-fulness about the narrative lenses through which we perceive and engage with our lives, our relationships and the beautiful planet we live on.

Shamanism is at the core of my offerings and the recognition that nature is our true nature and all life is precious and sacred. Contemporary scientific awareness, ancient indigenous wisdom and the dance of the cosmic joker - who knows he doesn’t know - are the three pillars of my approach.

I work collaboratively with my mentees to develop personalised approaches to the journey we embark on together. I love exploring creative possibilities for evolution and transformation on the path to becoming more and more unapologetically who we are: unique creative beings in an interdependent web of life.  This is not psychotherapy, though it may well be therapeutic. This is not 'coaching' though ‘coaching’ may well play a part. Shamanism is at the core of these offerings and the recognition that nature is our true nature and all life is precious and sacred.

Generally, we find a pattern that works for both of us that alternates between more ‘conversational’ mentoring sessions and deeper ‘embodiment practices’.

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