Retreat Together

Alex Hanly

21-05-2021 to 23-05-2021
17:30 to 17:00

ashford, kent , England

Contact details:
Phone: 07868842219

Green Farm’s tranquil setting offers the perfect location to relax, connect, and rejuvenate together as a couple. During this retreat, you will care for your body through yoga, cultivate awareness in meditation, and glean insight through the psychotherapeutic lens. Take time to play, discover, and explore the light and dark of your loving partnership. You will develop skills in meditation, embodied listening, authentic communication, and conflict resolution. This unique retreat aims to give you simple and effective tools that enable you to be with what arises between you, free of judgment. Ok, maybe not free of it, but at least more aware of your critical voice. Alex and Gabriel aim to support each couple in finding their way to more love, empathy, and fulfilment.

All yoga and movement practiced during this retreat are accessible for beginners, suitable for all ages and levels of fitness, and adaptable to injuries/disabilities. You are welcome to arrange a phone meeting with Alex before the retreat if you have any concerns, questions, or requirements.

What you will get from the workshop:

  • A deeper relationship with your body and being through yoga and Movement medicine.
  • Meditation skills you can use in daily life to cultivate awareness, compassion, and presence.
  • Deeper understanding of why you feel the way you do in relation to others.
  • Increased insight into how you and your partner fit together emotionally.
  • Greater robustness as a couple with an increased capacity to repair when raw wounds have been touched.
  • Time to relax, regenerate, and enjoy each other in nature, with delicious nutritious food, spa treatments.
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