Power and emotions


09-11-2021 to 14-11-2021

64640 hélette - pays basque - , France

Contact details:
Email: lesneufsouffles@gmail.com
Phone: +33 6 87 78 62 83
Mobile: +33 6 87 78 62 83
Website: https://lesneufsouffles.fr/

strengthening our roots, finding support, having the energy to wrap our own vulnerability and go out into the world carrying our most sacred dreams.

Listening to our emotions so that we can take them into account without being carried away by them, being sincere with ourselves, being there, in all our strength and tenderness is certainly the most essential thing to accomplish.... A real balancing act!

In what way?
By dancing... to connect with oneself, with others, with something bigger than oneself!
We will rely on shamanic processes and the symbolic reading of our body language.

Where to?
In the idyllic setting of the hills of the Basque hinterland, a very welcoming Santa Maria fortified house where you can alternate poetic encounters with yourself through dance and encounters with nature.

We are invited in this period, and especially this year with the great world upheavals that we are going through, to keep an informed, conscious and above all resolutely benevolent eye on everything that is happening around us and within us so that we can build our future with strength and listening.
To this end, we will alternate practices that reinforce the body's natural vitality, explore our emotions and their messages and give space to the body's natural capacity to draw on the forces of the world.
To lead our lives fully, peacefully... to lead our lives for ourselves and to offer the best to the world.

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