Wintering: Meeting the Cailleach

Ann Cleary

Location: Roden Place, Dundalk
Venue: Outcomers Centre, Roden Place, Dundalk
Cost: 25e

Dates & Times: 18 Nov 2017 to 18 Nov 2017  10:00 - 18:00

In our world ageing is resisted, the old are hidden and we are tamed as ‘invisibles’.  Where has the wild hag gone? Where is the Cailleach’s fierce love?


Drawing inspiration from 'wintering' the cycles of dying and rebirth that we witness in life this workshop invites us to explore our relationship to the wise lively goddess of winter, the Cailleach.


Invoking our wisdom, love, myths, tales and Movement Medicine approaches we will seek to find our sense of this journey and find the treasures of our autumns and winters.



In this workshop you will be invited to: 


discover the wisdom of your moving body 

find the intelligence of the dancer in you

meet the support of the elements through dance 

explore your life, ripeness, mellowing, ageing through movement

draw wisdom from the stories, tales and myths of the hag

create ritual together to mark this time in our lives




This Workshop is for those who are feeling the turning of time, sensing our winters approach and willing to explore these themes in dance and ceremony.


Advance booking is essential.