Yasia Leiserach

Location: Frankfurt
Venue: Antagon Theatre, Orber Str. 57 60386 Frankfurt
Cost: €230.00

Dates & Times: 13 Sep 2019 to 15 Sep 2019  19:00 - 17:00


Reclaiming the Song of your Soul

Sound and Move

We will be working with Somatic Voicework and Movement (Movement Medicine). Reclaiming the Song of Our Soul, from the moments where we lost our voice.


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We all have moments in time where we feel we lose our voice, current situations where communication feels hard. We will be exploring some simple voice and movement tools to support your voice and communication in these situations. We will also take time to look at past moments that may be related to the present, where you lost your voice. We will work slowly and gently as always. There will be plenty of resourcing techniques to support us in the reclamation and restoration of the voice in these past experiences. We will each go at our own pace, no need to push, just to build more resource for freer sound and communication in our day to day lives. (no singing experience needed). Expect to sing, sound and dance!


Friday night is an open evening for those who want to explore the joy of voice and body in movement, bringing together sound and movement and rhythm!


Yasia is a Voice and Movement Medicine Facilitator, teaching in Europe and Asia for the past 10 years, For more information about Yasia's work, see


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