Adventures in Dance

Louise Cullum

Location: Rayleigh Essex
Venue: Caley Hall, Crown hill, Rayleigh, essex, SS6 7HA
Cost: £12

Dates & Times: 23 May 2019 to 23 May 2019  19:00 - 21:00

This is a drop in dance class open to anyone 18+

£12.00 - First class just £5

Movement Medicine Comes to Essex                                    

My dance space offers a sanctuary that can hold all our conditions, all our Pain, illness,  joys, fears, laughter, grief, ecstacy, anxieties, stuckness, dreams and our imaginations.
Its where you can have the adventure  of  dancing the mystery and wonder of your life, past, present, future, dancing from within yourself and moving with this expression in each moment and with each breath.

Its where we have the freedom to explore who we are, get present in our bodies and our lives

and dance what's possible for us in a space thats safe, a place thats compassionate and nurturing. It's a place that you can come and embrace your true self, to discover and express who you really are.

Experience the FREEDOM and surrender of dancing what's in your heart, body and soul, letting go of the inner chatter in your mind and old negative thought patterns and habits that restrict you and let your body's wisdom take control.

You can take your place on this dance floor and be as funky and freaky, as messy and ugly, tender, vulnerable or playful as you want or indeed beautiful andelegant  - all of your dances are welcome here.

Here you are welcomed into a  space of inclusion and permission to dance the mystery that is you​

This is a contemporary dance practice with no choreography to learn, you will be guided to move

mindfully whilst you dance to an eclectic blend of diverse music whilst awakening the dancer inside you.

The most essential part of this is to turn up and be you  - no one else can do your dance so come and claim your space on the dance floor, make room for your own expression and allow it to come forth in your movement.

You alone take full responsibility for yourself and your body on the dancefloor.

All genders and physical abilities warmly welcomed

There is no choreography to learn just turn up and experience the adventure of your own unique dance to an eclectic mix of music.
Wear loose clothing, bring water and come prepared move and enjoy yourself