BodyBliss – A holy Week in the Essence of your Feminine Being

Katrin Kohlbecher

Location: Island of Corfu
Venue: Ouranos Club, Agios Stefanos, Corfu
Cost: Participation: 480 EUR – Early Bird before July 15 2019: 410 EUR | Accommodation: 490 EUR – incl. Vegetarian Breakfast & Dinner

Dates & Times: 28 Sep 2019 to 05 Oct 2019  19:00 - 09:00

From our deep connection with the magic and beauty of Corfu, we are inviting YOU to join our sisterhood-tribe. You are welcome, exactly as you are. Bring yourself in. In a safe and nourishing community, we can show ourselves, as we truly are, safe to express our wildness and gentleness, our Lilith and Eve. We know: when we are deeply nourished, we can be there for what TRULY matters to us.

A healthy rested woman, shining from her core can change the world!
* * What do I need to dare to be open, vulnerable & tender again?
* * How can I express my full body aliveness & creative power?
* * How can I stay centred & calm even when it is stormy?

We will nourish ourselves through:
* (Heart) Meditation * Movement Medicine Dance
* Chakra Breathing * Respectful, Nourishing Touch
* Womb Blessing Ritual at the Ocean * Cacao Ceremony
* Trance Dance Journey * Deep Soul Inquiry

No matter if you are 17 or 70, you are welcome as you are, to join us at your own pace, co-creating a deep sense of well-being in yourself and around you. We will meet in the morning and in the evening for 2 hours each. In between there is enough time to follow your own sensual flow.

With Katrin Kohlbecher, Luzia Mara Schucan und Nisha Ackermann

Katrin Kohlbecher – Qualified Movement Medicine Teacher, Movement Therapist & Embodiment Coach. Embodying a deep love for life she accompanies women into their full blossom, through movement and creative expression.

Luzia Mara Schucan – Conduit for the awakening of feminine Powers, Priestess of the Moon and Midwife for a Golden Earth. With compassion and clarity she‘s serving the planet and humanity to shift into a new paradigm.

Nisha Ackermann – Ayurveda Therapist, Woman’s Temple Leader, Rainbow Priestess. She lives in Corfu offering BodySoul Sessions & Retreats. Loving Grandmother & Priestess she empowers the recovering of trust, bliss and freedom.

Participation: 480 EUR | Early Bird before July 15 2019: 410 EUR!
Accommodation: 490 EUR | incl. Vegetarian Breakfast & Dinner
Contact: or +49 163 315 27 14

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