Movement Mondays

Mira Khanya

Location: Near Hemel Hempstead
Venue: Roundhouse
Cost: £15

Dates & Times: Monday 07 Oct 2019 to 02 Dec 2019  19:30 - 21:30

A warm invitation to join a lovely community as we gather to dance in this beautiful Roundhouse surrounded by woodlands. 

The Roundhouse has been born out of deep, ongoing prayer and communion with Spirit. It is embued with love, sacredness and joy. Structurally, the Roundhouse is a handmade and community made straw bale and green oak roundhouse. Its walls are rendered internally with clay and externally with lime render. The floor is made with a clay, sand and straw earthen floor, heated by water underfloor heating, powered by solar panels and air sourced heat pump. An absolute joy to dance on!

Everyone is welcome. We create a safe and supportive space to dance freely, encouraging your true and unique expression. An invitation to journey within an immersive environment held with captivating music and clear guidance. 

Through the embodied presence of our dance we connect to the intelligence within, experience our creative potency and deepen our connection to life. Movement Medicine practices direct our awareness to our thoughts, feelings and movement - connecting body, heart and mind. We release that which is counterproductive and expand into a greater sense of inner balance - as we call in that which nourish, replenish and strengthens us. We honour our unique and creative expression as we welcome who we are and all that we may become.


"It was a truly moving and profound experience." - Rachel 

"Resistance and inhibitions melt away and I am transported by the evocative music to a place within where I can dance with all my being." – Kate

“Each class supports me to reach into unexplored parts of myself – to discover a gift of something new, a piece of myself that needed recognition, or a quality that wishes to make itself known and to integrate itself into my life.” - Eliot

"With Mira's gentle support I've been able to transform old and limiting beliefs I held about myself. In the freedom and creativity in the dance, I'm discovering more of my true potential and evolving into a place of owning and shining my own light." - Asija


Investment: £15 cash at the door 
20% of the earnings go charity

PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY from 7:15pm so that we can begin on time.

Directions will be given once you have confirmed you place.
It is 5 minutes from Hemel Hempstead Train Station/ 25 minutes from Central London. Please email for details.


Bring a reusable water bottle. 
Wear loose comfortable clothes for moving. 
We dance barefoot in the Roundhouse.

For more info: or email

We look forward to welcome you in the dance!