Autumn Equinox Movement Medicine Cacao Ceremony

Mira Khanya

Location: London
Venue: The Arc Centre - 98B St Paul Street, Islington, London, N1 7DF
Cost: £45/ £35 concession

Dates & Times: 22 Sep 2019 to 22 Sep 2019  18:30 - 22:30

A warm invitation to join us in ceremony as we honour the powerful time of the Autumn Equinox.

In Movement Medicine Ceremony we connect to the intelligence of life and awaken to the essence of who we are and what really matters. We dance a prayer for the love of life and for healing on a personal, relation and community level.

When we consciously tune in to the cycles of nature, the understanding of our own cycles begin to deepen. This is the time of harvesting - connecting to the abundance of life and giving thanks for all we receive. At the same time we honour the inner harvest of the intentions we set earlier in the year and the fruits of our efforts. We tend to our inner fire in preparation for the transition into the darker more reflective part of the year - emptying out and creating more spaciousness in which we can sense what is trying to emerge from within us. We call on the balancing energies of day and night, dark and light during this time, to bring forth more harmony and balance - not just for ourselves but for all beings.

To celebrate this special time of year, we will again work with the beautiful heart opening medicine of Cacao. Cacao has been used as far back as 1900BC as a health elixir and ceremonial medicine by our Central American ancestors to heal the mental, physical and spiritual body. We will set our intentions and drink a ceremonial dose of the highest quality Cacao, grown in the wild jungles of Ecuador. (More info below)



Movement Medicine is a practice which directs our awareness to our movement, thoughts and feelings, supporting us to get more in touch with who we really are. It is an active and embodied meditation practice, opening the way to deep internal reflection. Through the dance we are invited on a journey of personal empowerment, relationship with community and connection with the creative life force within and around us. Ya’Acov and Susannah Darling Khan, founded the School of Movement Medicine, integrating their experience with a lineage of practices such as Shamanism, 5Rhythms, Gestalt Psychotherapy and Family Constellations.


Mira trained at The School of Movement Medicine and intuitively weaves from the rich tapestry of her experience as a dancer, therapist and artist. She creates a safe and sacred space for you to let go into the transformative power of the dance, deepening your connection to the creative life force within and around us. Mira also completed Level 1, 2 & 3 of the Advanced MM Training which includes working with Movement Medicine Ritual and Ceremony.


On arrival you will have the opportunity to be smudged - an ancient tradition of burning sacred plants/ wood and allowing the smoke to clear and bless your energetic field.


As we work with Cacao in an intentional way, we peel away the layers and come into deeper connection with our emotional centre and the intelligence of our own hearts. Aside from it’s many physical health benefits (vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, immune system boosting etc) - it is a powerful yet gentle plant medicine that supports our inner-work and facilitates a deep inner meditation. The mood enhancing neurotransmitters in Cacao has a nourishing effect on humans - opening body, mind and heart.


"It was a truly moving and profound experience." - Rachel
“It’s a ceremony where we can safely let go… and enter an alternate universe where movement, sound and feelings intimately intertwine and become a portal for the soul to dance itself anew into existence.” - Bristena
“I know that the echoes of this sacred dance will continue to move me for many days to come.” - Simon



Limited number of spaces available - so booking early is recommended.
Standard Price £45; Booking at
Some concession spaces available at £35 if you are for-example on low income, JSA, or a pensioner. Please email to arrange.


Tickets are not refundable, but are transferable to another person - please email details of name change to and organise the finances between yourselves.


Sunday 22 September; 6:30- 10:30pm
Please ARRIVE EARLY from 6:15pm - time to check in and get changed into your dance clothes. Doors will close at 6:40pm.
Due to the nature of such an event it is important that we start and finish together.


In the days leading up to the ceremony, create some time to connect to your personal intention. What are you dancing for?


In ceremony we don’t stop to have a break for food. The suggestion is to have a healthy light lunch and then to refrain from eating, directing any hunger towards calling in that which you are dancing for.
If you have blood sugar issues and need food during this time please have something small to hand so you do not need to leave the space to refuel. If this is the case, please be discreet and aware of noise (such as plastic wrappers) and be sensitive to those who choose not to eat.
***This is a drug and alcohol free event.


Avoid caffeine or other stimulants on the day and alcohol the night before. Arrive hydrated. Eating something light a few hours before the ceremony is fine and then refrain from eating so that the cacao can be easily absorbed. Cacao is a stimulant - so if you experience light-headedness, headache, nausea or detox symptoms - drink plenty of water. Certain medications such as some SSRI and MAO inhibitor Antidepressants do NOT mix well with cacao. CHECK YOUR MEDICATION! Be very mindful if you have a serious heart condition - cacao increases heart rate and lowers blood pressure. If you are pregnant / breastfeeding - it is advised to take a lower dose due to it’s stimulating effect (similar to caffeine). ***It is your responsibility to take the necessary steps to ensure your own wellbeing. You may want to start by drinking half the dose and then after half and hour drink the rest.


A notepad and pen
Art materials (optional)
Small cushion/ sheepskin/ blanket for more comfort when we sit at different stages through the ceremony (optional)
Something light to eat (e.g. fruit, nuts) ONLY if you need to have it due to health reasons such as low blood pressure
A reusable water bottle


We invite you to wear something special to make it clear that you are going into ceremony. Loose comfortable clothes for moving is always best. We generally dance barefoot or if you need to, bring special dance shoes.


The ceremony is grounded within the Movement Medicine teachings. It is important to have a grounding and understanding of movement practice.
Please do not chat during the ceremony. We hold a collective focus during the ceremony and only talk if absolutely necessary and then in a quiet whisper.
Closer to the time of the ceremony you will receive an email from me with reminders and further practical details.

If you have any further questions, please email Mira at

We look forward to welcome you in this special dance ceremony.