Dance Into Life Movement Medicine

‘Tell me, what is it you plan to do 

with your one wild and precious life?’


Mary Oliver



I call my Movement Medicine offering Dance into Life. I am hoping that the words suggest that dance is a way of waking us up into the life that is here right now and also a way of being with what life brings - its joy, pleasure, pain, sorrow and being a compassionate witness to whatever is.


For me Movement Medicine helps with the personal, the collective, spirit and my quest to more and more embody my human-ness.



Movement Medicine as Personal Medicine


For me dance is a personal development practice and a beautiful way to bring the medicine we need to ourselves.  This is as varied as we are.  In my years dancing I have seem myself and others find their hearts and live with the bliss and pain of being human. I have seen myself and others become adult in accepting ourselves, including our wounds and shadows,  and to do that with a love of life.  I have seem many dancers take the risk of having dreams, being hopeful and working towards what makes them happy.   



Movement Medicine as Collective Medicine


This dance practice reminds us we are not alone, and invites us to sense the living emerging life of this planet, our home.  I believe that the big changes so many of dream of such as sustainable living, justice, economic and social well being, and the centrality and transience of being a human living on an amazingly beautiful planet for a short time, can only be realised as we work with self.  Changing ourselves with compassion and clarity brings healing to the bigger picture.  


Spirit and Mystery


Behind everything there is a mystery, a spirit and a miracle.Sometimes we can touch this in the dance, sometimes we can feel into its wisdom and love and this strengthens us and connects us to the bigger universal love and spirit that holds us.  


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Dance Into Life
Dance Into Life