ABOUT US The Movement Medicine® Association was formed in 2012 to uphold professional standards and support Movement Medicine teachers and facilitators trained by Susannah and Ya’Acov Darling Khan at the School of Movement Medicine®. LEARN MORE
MOVEMENT MEDICINE EVENTS More than 170 Movement Medicine® professional teachers and facilitators as well as our founders Susannah and Ya’Acov Darling Khan offer classes, workshops, retreats, and 1-1 sessions worldwide. Here you will discover a comprehensive resource for all online and 'in the room' offerings near you. FIND YOUR DANCE
TEACHERS & FACILITATORS "We are proud to present the professionals we have trained. Each one is a member of the Movement Medicine® Association, which upholds Movement Medicine's high ethical standards and professional excellence. We wholeheartedly recommend them all to you."
-- Susannah and Ya’Acov Darling Khan, Founders of Movement Medicine®
WHAT IS MOVEMENT MEDICINE®? Movement Medicine®️ is a refined integration of ecstatic movement practice, psychotherapeutic wisdom, contemporary shamanism and neuroscience. It teaches you how to stand up, grow up and play your role! Learn to alchemise life's challenges into the gold of your soul. DISCOVER MORE
BECOMING A MOVEMENT MEDICINE® PROFESSIONAL All Movement Medicine Professionals are trained by our founders Susannah and Ya’Acov Darling Khan. Professional training teaches you to use the principles and practices of Movement Medicine® to hold space for other people to grow, develop their medicine, and flourish in their lives. These skills are transferable to other professions you are already trained in. EXPLORE THE PATH
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