Difficulties & Complaints; Mediation & Resolutions

MMA teachers and facilitators endeavour to offer Movement Medicine with the highest level of respect, integrity and service. We are committed to a Code of Ethics that lays down professional and ethical standards for our work and it is our intention and our hope that you will have a positive experience.

In the event that you have had a difficult experience at a Movement Medicine class, workshop or other event, where you feel that the teacher/facilitator has not lived up to the Code of Ethics, we would invite you to communicate directly with the teacher/facilitator about this. If this doesn't work out for you and you end up not feeling heard or understood, and if you feel this is a serious matter, we would then invite you to contact us at conflict-transformation@movementmedicineassociation.org so that we can attempt to facilitate a resolution between you and the teacher/facilitator involved.

The full MMA procedure for complaints, grievances and disciplinary matters is still under development and we are currently running a pilot scheme in support of this. Our aim is to develop robust and comprehensive procedures to respond to complaints, conflicts, grievances, internal conflicts and disciplinary matters. The pilot scheme is being held by Ben Yeger and Catherine Wright, two MMA members who both have experience of working in conflict situations with compassion and creativity. They are available to offer support and/or mediation to deal creatively with difficulties or grievances that may have arisen and achieve a satisfactory resolution for all parties.

Whilst the pilot scheme is in operation we will make an initial response to any contact within ten days.  After assessing the situation with you we will work out how to move forward.
Thank you.

The MMA Code of Ethics is available to view here

The draft Protocols for Mediation, Grievances and Disciplinary Action can be found here