Bonnie McAteer

Bonnie McAteer

Bonnie McAteer
Apprentice Teacher and Facilitator

Professional Training:

2012 - 2013

Based in:
Jersey Channel Islands - Travels Worldwide

Working location:

About Bonnie

Bonnie draws on 15 years experience of using movement work to support and transform her own journey through life.
First through Shamanic trance dance and enbodied sacred dance in the natural world, later Five Rhythms dance, The work that reconnects , and completed Pacha Mamma Alliance facilitator training. 
She is also a dance and fire performer and has been in dance performances around the world . India , Hungary, Portugal and Wembley Stadium london, and has recently been away teaching Movement Medicine in Thailand at The Sanctuary and Orion Healing Centre.
Bonnie has been working with movement medicine since 2009.
She has under gone a full Apprenticeship, full professional teacher training and has just completed a further teaching module working deeply with the chambers of the heart and SEER process, an embodied form of soul retrieval .
She is currently an apprentice movement medicine teacher.
Her background includes healing and bodywork, She has traveled extensively and draws huge inspiration and teaching from 10 years away on the road, her journeys led her all around the world from the Hymalayas to the Americas and beyond....She spent many months at a time living in jungles and forests connecting deeply with the earth and her place within the natural world, journeying with Shamans in the Amazon and sharing life , comunity and ceromony with many increadble people along the way. 
She is a mother and dancer of life.

Specialising in:

My Passion and calling is Re-Connection to the Sacredness of the natural world around us  ....To the Wild landscapes within us... Through Dance ..Through ceromony..Through voice... Through ritual and dance Performance art...

I live in Jersey Channel Islands and hold a weekly Sacred Dance- Movement Medicine drop in class,  I also travel and take part in dance and fire performance's around the world , I will be in Thailand holding some Movement Medicine in March 2017...


Fb- Sacred Dance-Movement Medicine with Bonnie McAteer

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L'Hermitage Beaumont Jersey
02 Jan 2015
05 Jan 2018
19:00 - 21:00
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