Ali Young

Ali Young

Ali Young
Qualified Teacher

January 2016

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2012 - 2013

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I first began dancing with Ya'acov and Susannah in 1991,  working extensively with both them and Gabrielle Roth for 23 years before training as a teacher with The School of Movement Medicine.

I began my adult working life as a performer, spending almost ten years in Scottish theatre and English rock and roll.  Eventually needing to offer more breadth and depth of service than the fickle world of enterntainment offers I became interested in how creativity might be harnessed to the healing process.  I then explored this in my own business for several years, before training first as a social worker and then as a family therapist - working in the NHS with children, young people and families with mental health issues for over a decade.  During this time I set up a project taking family therapy into people's homes, devising innovative practices that were eventually replicated across Devon.  I left a couple of years after the birth of my now 13 year old son to follow my calling ever deeper into the wilds, training as a shamanic practitioner with The Sacred Trust.  

In the last few years I have been funded by Exeter University to research The School of Movement Medicine in the process of writing a PhD thesis entitled Re-embodying Leadership through a Re-Examination of the Sacred.  I was awarded my doctorate at the start of 2015, having conducted an anthropological study of the Movement Medicine community over a five year period.  I had my first book chapter, Material Manifestations of Spiritual Principles in Business published in 2015, as well as having subsequent work published on leadership and the sacred and the role of the feminine in the way forward.

All of my work is motivated by a desire to see our culture move towards greater sustainability, respect and sanity.  Anyone who knows me will tell you that laughter is a very important medicine in my  life and whilst most of us know suffering on a fairly intimate basis, I am I confess, a great believer that joy and pleasure are also profound healers.  

I am passionate about moving, the health of the next seven generations, our beautiful Earth, assisting others to find their unique creative contribution to the web of life and encouraging us all to become more conscious of our nature as interconnected beings.  


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I am currently having a little break from teaching MM whilst I begin a Positive Psychology Coaching Masters. I am, nonetheless, in conversation with The Iron Mill Institute in Exeter and the College of Psychic Studies in London with regards to bringing Movement Medicine in, so I hope that normal service will resume shortly. I also work as a mentor for the School of Movement Medicine, supporting both apprentices and those in professional training.


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