Raggi Kotak

Raggi Kotak

Raggi Kotak
Apprentice Teacher

June 2016

Based in:
London, Goa

Working location:

About Raggi

Raggi started training in Movement Medicine in around 2012. She became an apprentice teacher in June 2016. She grew up in London and is of Indian origin.  

She previously worked as a human rights barrister, specialising in violence against women cases. She has a long history of political activity and remains passionate about issues to do with equality and justice. 

Her aim in the dance is to hold a space where everyone can discover or further develop their inner dancer. Where all forms of diversity are encouraged and celebrated. Where when ready, stories can be loosened and let go off. Where dancers can really discover the magic and glitter that lives inside them.

Raggi has created Bindi Beats.  It a an Asian inspired version of the dance created to celebrate all forms of diversity.  

She has also done some training in shamanism. She is currently training in conflict resolution.  

Raggi identifies as a lesbian. 

Specialising in:

Working with diversity in all its forms.  Celebrating hope not hate! 

Working with music and culture from the asian communities, accessible to all communties.  





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