Johanna Stromeyer

Johanna Stromeyer

Johanna Stromeyer
Apprentice Teacher

June 2016

Professional Training:

2014 - 2015

Based in:
London, UK

Working location:

About Johanna

Johanna is a Movement Medicine Apprentice Teacher since 2016.


She has always loved dancing. Dancing used to be her safe way to escape life when real life felt confusing. Through finding 5 Rhythms and later Movement Medicine, Johanna has learnt that dancing was never about escaping life but about finding a way to reconnect with life.



To feel safe within ourselves while feeling safely connected to life around us is an everyday challenge. In Movement Medicine we can rediscover this safe space. And it is when we feel safe and supoorted that we can grow and become more and more of who we really are. We can allow oursleves to let go of old stories that are no longer helpful to us. We have the possibility to transform stuck energies into life affirming energies. Though our dance we can reconnect to our natural resources. Why? To remember what we came here for. To remember what it is we have to give. The more we allow ourselves to align with our purpose in life, the healthier, happier, fulfilled we will be. And it will ripple out into our communities.


Johanna also works as an interior designer since 2004 and her aim has always been to make the interiors dance - and it still is.


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