Johanna Stromeyer

Johanna Stromeyer

Johanna Stromeyer
Apprentice Teacher

Professional Training:

2014 - 2015

Based in:
London, UK

Working location:

About Johanna

Johanna is a Movement Medicine Apprentice Teacher since 2016.


She has always loved dancing. Dancing used to be her safe way to escape life when real life felt confusing and overwhelming. At least thats what she thought for many years until she found 5 Rhythms and later Movement Medicine. Only then did she realise that her urges to dance, although they might have felt like escapes from life situations, deep down it was never about escaping but about reconnecting with life itself.




Movement is life and Movment is running our bodies. Life itself is running our bodies and infact the whole universe...Our hearts pumping, our cells renewing themselves, the breath moving in and out of our lungs etc. Our bodies are incredibly sensitive containers and deeply connected with the intelligence of life. No computer could run our bodies and its 30trillion cells. Movment Medicine IS an antidote to separation of life within us and around us. And its a practisc, the more you practise the more effective its medicine- simple:-)!


Like a child,  no matter how old we are, we need to feel safe in order to learn. 

Johanna is a strong spaceholder and keen to provide this kind of safety in her classes and workshops, so that your innate wisdom can blossom. 



Johanna also works as an interior designer since 2004 and her aim has always been to make the interiors dance - and it still is.


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