Apprentice Teacher and Facilitator

Professional Training:

2014 - 2016

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About Anne-Ena

Welcome to my page!

I've been teaching Dance as the best way to know yourself and to transform what keep you back from your full being from 26 years.

some of my main subjects in my offerings are :

- dare to be oneself

- find the meaning of one's own incarnation

- the balance of yin and yang, the sacred strength of the couple

- caring and managing trauma, getting out of victimization

I teach specifically Medicine dance at evening classes or at 2 days workshops, but more generally I integrate it with my own approach to the teaching of the body and movement.

With Dance Medicine and "Les 9 Souffles" that I created with my husband, the dance I teach develops a very precise dialogue with the body. By reconnecting with the forces that support, energizing, and listening carefully to the different areas of our body through which he speaks to us. The movement, the sensations, the visions associated with this complete symbolism of the different parts of our body, strongly illuminate the sense of the forces in relation with the universe and which can guide us, heal us and free us.

At this time I am mainly offering

  • 2 days Workshop in Bordeaux, and everywhere in France, switzerland, belgium,

  • evening classes before workshops and soon every month in Bayonne,

  • 5 days wokshop : with 3 themes: "strengthen your personal power", "deploy your creativity", "the transformative power of the Phoenix"

  • 9 days workshop specific "Les 9 Souffles" : personnal and profesional trainings in south west of France.

My next workshops:

foundations of an inhabited body: October 20th to 24th at Saint Yrieyx (center of france):

Activate the instinctive coordination of the body to be infinitely more present in one's body and movement... For dancers, dance, yoga or children's school teachers, artists and anyone wishing to discover the truth of their body.

Return to wisdom and clarity from within: Bordeaux : December 7, 8, 9 :

The archetype concerned is the Hermit, who is the guardian of what is essential to us.  It is connected in our body to the coccyx. A Dance to get out of the hustle and bustle back into this inner space of deep calm, close to the Earth, light up again with the light of the root of our soul. Tasting what is essential and simple for us.

I am very happy to be part of the International Network of Movement Medicine because I have always considered that it is by advancing together that we can give the best of ourselves for the best of our society.

I love the deep human nature as much as the deep, wild and sensitive beauty of our world, especially when we dance!

Specialising in:

Dialogue with the body, understand what he says to me, how he speaks to me : 2 days 5 days and 9 Days workhops - personnal and profesionnal trainings.

Women's strength and traumas

Awakening instinctive coordinations that unleashes the power and expressiveness of the body



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Contact Anne-Ena BERNARD

Address 23, chemin Lestanquet

Telephone+33 6 87 78 62 83
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