Christine Pechan

Christine Pechan

Christine Pechan
Apprentice Teacher

2014 - 2015

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About Christine

In my weekly 2 hour class on Monday (alternating every 2 weeks between afternoon and evening) I invite people of all ages and physical condition to discover their unique dancer inside and follow their own way to bring every personal and collective need into movement.

To dive deeper into the Movement Medicine Mandala and get familiar with the personal medicine that is inherent in everyone's movement, I offer one day workshops since   January 2017.

As a certified natural health professional and passionate bodyworker I practice nerval reflexology since 25 years beside teaching meditation and Reiki.Through Movement Medicine I bring into completion what I've  looked, worked and lived for half of my life. 

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Contact Christine Pechan

Address Langacker 6

Telephone0049 4627 1659
Mobile01522 4618253