Fabienne Hester

Fabienne Hester

Fabienne Hester
Qualified Teacher

June 2018

Professional Training:

2014 - 2015

Based in:
Strasbourg Besançon France

Working location:

About Fabienne

It all started when I was 3 years old. I began with choreographic dance then moved to ball room dancing, acrobatic, African and finally sacred dances to find fulfillment in conscious movement.

As I was embracing a major professional and personal transition in my life, I needed to combine my meditative and dance activities in order to be present for myself, my family, couple and job. I had no idea how to do this.

At that time, my coach peers, who noticed I drew significantly on body language and movement in space when interacting with others, suggested I try a freestyle dance: the 5 Rhythms.

This set me on a path of several years of intensive practice and discovery of the liberating and transformational potential offered by the body in movement! 

Later, a new revelation came when I encountered Movement Medicine.  This intuitive dance, rooted in the 5 Rhythms, embraces all I had invested in my life: conscious movement, coaching and singing. It nourishes my eternal search for human accomplishment within the connexion of body, heart and mind. In addition, I am fascinated with the way the School of Movement Medicine engages to care for the planet and stands for life on Earth.

In 2010, I heard the call. These passions led me to create the Association Vibrance in Strasbourg (France) and open a dance floor welcoming Movement Medicine and 5 Rhythms dance communities with workshops and weekly events offered in French, English and German.  (http://www.5rhythm.yolasite.com). 

Today, as a Movement Medicine teacher, I offer:

  • An expression and healing space to fan the flame of aliveness & joy
  • A fertile ground for connecting with others, for self-knowledge, for reconciliation with self and all relationships.
  • A dynamic playground for embracing with curiosity one's emotions, self-confidence, creativity and diversity. 
  • A space allowing and supporting the manifestation of your life's purpose and dreams.

I see body expression as a direct path to meeting our essence and harmony.

Sessions are lead with all I became : 20 years as an active contributor to personal development (15 in the industry), a certified professional and life coach, a Debussy pianist, an imperfect singer, a wild drummer, a rock’n-roll mother, a colorful spouse, a solitary traveler, a warrior of light and a sensitive lover of life. 

Be welcome ! Sei willkommen ! Soyez bienvenu(e)s!

Specialising in:

Movement as a path to self-discovery - Enhancing body awareness- Co-active coaching (based on NLP and Gestalt Therapy) - Liberation of voice (Estill method) -Teach in French, German and English





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Strasbourg France
27 Sep 2018
27 Jun 2019
19:30 - 21:45
every week




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