Jo Hardy

Jo Hardy

Jo Hardy
Qualified Teacher and Facilitator

Based in:
Totnes, Devon, UK

Working location:

About Jo

I have been involved with SOMM since its birth in 2007, having been a student of Ya'acov and Susannah for many years prior. With David Rose and Sue Kuhn, I was an original staff member on the first MM Apprenticeship, offering Personal Mentoring to students and since the first Proffessional Training I have been offering Proffessional Mentoring to trainees. I am a graduated MM Teacher and Facilitator.

I also teach 5 Rhythms and Open Floor and offer offer workshops regularly in China, Germany, Greece, Sweden, Spain, Russia, Romania, and Switzerland.

I have worked with hundreds of clients over the years as a psychotherapist, coach, mentor, trainer and group facilitator. Exploring what truly facilitates lasting transformation is my passion and has led me to study many perspectives, philosophies and modalities of transformational work. I had a private psychotherapy practice in the UK for 25 years working with a wide variety of issues, and was a senior trainer on the Masters Program in Mindfulness Oriented Psychotherapy for 12 years at The Karuna Institute, UK. My work is integrative, existential, body based and is informed by multiple methods, techniques, and schools e.g. mindfulness, gestalt, body psychotherapy, archetypal psychology and dream work.


Specialising in:

Psychotherapy, Transformational Coaching, Large groups in China


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Conscious Dance Space Totnes 2004-2016

Apprenticeship Elective Compost and Roses April 2018

School of Movement Medicine Newsletter Interview January 2018

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