Laura Valenti

Laura Valenti

Laura Valenti
Qualified Teacher and Facilitator

May 2017

Professional Training:

2012 - 2013

Based in:
Spain, International.

Working location:

About Laura

I am a Movement Medicine teacher and facilitator, sound&voice therapist, theater artist and clown. I am  passionate about community, co-creation, exploring relationship between body and Nature and sustainable living. My background is in Law, Sociology of Migrations and Human Rights. I danced all my way through cancer and while having chemotherapy and trusted the innate intelligence of the body and its natural capacity to heal and that movement is my medicine. Movement Medicine allowed me to develop a deeper understanding of myself and my body, a profound sense of self-love and self-acceptance and gave me tools to stay grounded and present during the stormy moments and challenges of my life. It is a practice that supports me every day and allows me to see and feel the magic, the beauty, the sacredness and interconnectedness of all life. I spent a long time in Central and South America (Guatemala, Peru, Ecuador, Bolvia), where I shared my work with travellers and indigenous communitites and I have been an apprentice to local medicine people, learning about ancient traditions and Andean Cosmology. I am available also for sessions on Skype.

Specialising in:

Exploration of movement outdoor and relationship with Nature, drumming, sound healing &voice work, women`s groups, women's spirituality&wellbeing, working with communities, adults with mental illness, learning disabilitites, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, older people, theatre, Andean Cosmology and spirituality, one to one healing sessions based on shamanic practice.


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Malaga, Andalusia
20 Jan 2019
21 Jun 2020
11:00 - 02:00
every month




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