Didier Perrouault

Didier Perrouault

Didier Perrouault
Qualified Teacher

May 2017

Professional Training:

2012 - 2013

Based in:
Belgium, France, Europe and upon invitation

Working location:

About Didier


and be most welcome in my world !

Dance Your Dance, my Movement Medicine offering

Here are a few words on the journey and the path that I'm offering for you to experiment in my classes and workshops, mainly in Belgium, in France (Paris, Lille etc.) and wherever Life brings me...

Find yourself...

My invitation in motion is a journey to become fully who you are. To share a unique adventure in a welcoming and supporting space which invites you to reveal the jewel that you are.
This safe space intends to support you in welcoming and moving (without judgement) what you already know, to receive its wisdom, and to let yourself be surprised by unexpected treasures.
This meditation in motion which dances through your body, your heart and your mind, makes it possible for you to meet fully your self.

... deeply

Whilst these dancing spaces invite you to explore in motion what you already know from your life, it's also through a journey through depth that I'm inviting you to explore your inner treasures.
The intention is to go and find the resources that allow you to become aware of and manifest the most precious dreams to your soul...
... and by doing so, to let the Source of Life vibrate in your body and in each of your cells - Life force pulse within us.
Even if the Journey in motion gets you to reach darker places and obstacles, the medicine of your movement comes from dancing with whatever is. This healing operates through its sole presence.


... in your Truth

This journey comes with you and supports you until the core of who you are, so that the veils are lifting, masks are falling and consequently to make you closer to your essence: to your Truth.

The journeys and explorations that I'm offering at the core of Elements (Earth, Fire, Water, Wind), vertical axis (body, heart, mind), horizontal axis (relationship with the self, with the other, with the communidty, with ancestors and to descendants, as well as the great mystery); as well as various polarities (yin and yang, structure and freedom, shadow and light, spirit and matter), are creating places where free movement which connects the dots is a space of healing and alchemy.



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