Tribal Ecstatic Dance Gathering

Bonnie McAteer

Location: L'Hermitage Jersey
Cost: £25 per class

Dates & Times: Friday 09 Mar 2018 to 08 Mar 2019  19:00 - 21:30

Tribal Ecstatic Dance Gathering is an evening where we bring together a fusion of Yoga, Kirtan, Ecstatic dance and Movement Medicine.

An evening of embodiment and creative expression at it's fullest. 
In a sacred space that will be lit up with magic, the essence of a party and prayer comes to mind. 

There will be an opportunity at the beginning of the evening to paint you face or arms with beautiful tribal markings to really get into the spirit of it. 

What are the benefits of such a gathering?

YOGA - Yoga is a discipline method of union of mind, body and soul. In bringing awareness to body and breath, we are able to quieten the mind and bring ourselves to the present moment. Flexibility in our mind and body, as well as guidance for healing and increasing blood flow. Through Yoga we are able to bring awareness for transformation and give ourselves the inner strength we need to do so.

KIRTAN - Through simple sound and Mantra, tuning into and opening our heart space reconnecting with self and one another.

ECSTATIC DANCE- Dance had been a part of our collective human story story since the dawn of creation as a form of art, prayer, communication and expression. It is our given birth right to dance our own story into being. Dance strengthens our sense of community and tribe. When we give ourselves back to the creative life force within, when we connect to the parts of ourselves that are unbroken magic happens!!