Drop In Class

Ann Cleary

Location: Dun Dealgan Athletic Club
Venue: Seatown Dundalk
Cost: Donation

Dates & Times: Tuesday 12 Sep 2017 to 19 Dec 2017  20:00 - 22:00

This is a Drop In Class where you will be introduced to Movement Medicine practices and invited to discover the pleasure, joy and truth that comes in trusting our moving bodies. As we move the body our humanness wakes up, our heart can soften and find its truth as we discover more and more of our own ground in our moving bodies.

The Drop In Class is a safe place to explore, discover, find our ground and the truth of our experience.  

Wear loose layered clothing, flat shoes (bare feet also welcome) and bring some water.

This is a drug and alcohol free space

For further information you are welcome to contact me.