Reclaiming Your Medicine

Ali Young

Location: Devon, England
Venue: The Iron Mill College
Cost: £600

Dates & Times: Saturday 14 Sep 2019 09:45 - 16:45

This is an on-going group, meeting 8 times over a year from September 2019 - October 2020. It focuses on skills for self-care and is aimed at professional carers.

In times gone by Britain and many other parts of Europe had a long tradition filled with the presence of those we referred to as our wise women or healers. Way before professionalization of any kind there was a sense that such individuals were clearly plugged into “something larger than self” in service to those around them. They had, if you like, a vocation or a calling, from “beyond”, which guided their lives. Industrialization brought many changes with it, in our sense of community, our relationship with nature and in the role and acknowledgment of our wise women. In our contemporary setting this role is still filled by therapists, counselors, nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists and many other women who offer day to day care and support to others. Sadly, the increasing rise of bureaucracy and other factors has meant a diminishing sense of value and vocation in many contexts.

Reclaiming Your Medicine aims to assist in a restoration of value to this role as an offering of profound importance to our communities. Indeed, it seeks to empower and support those who fill these roles. In other contexts you may have been recognized by an elder as an apprentice and assisted to gather the tools, learning and initiations you needed to step into your role as a mature and functional ‘healer’. Today, you may experience yourself as someone who naturally leans


towards service, empathy and sensitivity to meeting the needs of those around you. As you probably already know there are pitfalls attached to this, especially in environments in which you may not experience your offerings being fully valued.

This CPD aims to meet for 8 days over the course of a year. You may need to learn more about rest and replenishment; grounding and releasing other people’s energies; establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries; understanding how your family story is affecting your work; tuning into a supportive personal narrative or myth for your offering in the world; understanding how you can call on more support from both the seen and unseen realms; developing your mission and purpose and finally, integrating all of this, as you move back into the world in a better resourced place. If so, this is for you! Mindful movement, otherwise known as Movement Medicine, will be the main teaching method in this CPD. We will also include working in dyads, the circle, writing, art and visualizations. The support and nourishment of being with colleagues is a crucial part of this work and we will be setting up peer groups for support between the scheduled days. There will also be the possibility of having the additional support of coaching with Ali, the trainer.